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This letter is to thank you and your staff at All Comfort Residential Care for the fine and caring treatment of my father during his approximately two-year stay at All Comfort Residential Care. From the first day until the last day, you and your staff provided excellent care for my father. The living quarters are the finest, the dining top notch and the atmosphere always friendly. I would provide the highest recommendation for you, your staff and All Comfort Residential Care.  Thank You.

Yours Truly,

Scott L. Jensen

9347 SW 35th Avenue

Portland, OR  97219

P  (503) 977-0606

F  (503) 977-1011

We write on the one month anniversary of the death of our father. He spent his last months at All Comfort Residential Care. The attention and care he received while living there, was the best. If an adult residential care environment is right for you or your family member, we highly recommend All Comfort Residential Care.

Our dad had long lived independently, and toward the end of his life, he required a higher level of care. We wanted to avoid the large, impersonal nursing home/skilled nursing facilities that we had experienced. We made our decision based on our assessment and with the help of a social worker. We're still convinced that we made the right move.

The staff were always there for our dad and for us. They took him in as their own and cared for him like family, and most importantly, he was always treated with respect and dignity.

Best regards,

Barb and Jeff Kitchell

All Comfort provided care for my mother during the last three months of her life. Our family was amazed by and profoundly appreciative of the quality of care, the attentiveness of the entire staff and the respectful, thoughtful and compassionate environment. In addition, the physical environment was spotlessly clean, modern and vibrant, conductive to family visits and a non-institutional experience - we enjoyed all of our time there, even under these most difficult circumstances.

This was a challenging time for all of us, especially my mother. I have referred many people to All Comfort because of my wholehearted support for his services.

They have my highest personal recommendation and we thank them for their exceptional care.


Lynne Saxton

All Comfort Residential Care

Offering:  Assisted Living

Our experience with the staff at All Comfort Residential Care was extremely positive from the first visit. My sister and I were looking for a place for our father to live where he would get good care. We were so happy and impressed with the friendly people, large rooms and view of Mt. Hood. It didn't take long for us to make our decision. It's almost two years since our father, [client name], moved in. The quality of care and the personal attention he gets is something we have come to depend on. The most important thing - he is happy! We highly recommend All Comfort Residential Care.


Phyllis Roeder & Janice Clark